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When he's got to go he's got to go!

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BearFeet Sat 14-May-16 07:11:48

Ds 5 has always been like this since he was potty trained. He can hold a wee for a while but if he needs a poo he panics, only slightly, and runs to the toilet saying I need a poo😩 He always goes after breakfast or after tea so hasn't been a problem so far but I'm just concerned if he's at school on a trip and no access to a toilet for a few mins he could potentially poo himself which wouldn't be nice for anyone. His poo isn't hard or runny, it's normal. He drinks a smoothie in the morning and orange juice with his tea as struggles with other fruit and veg due to being a fussy eater. I think I might just see if he can hold it for a minute at home. Just to start practicing. Not sure really?

Anybody else have a child like this?

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