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Can we talk about hayfever please?

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MotherOfAllMarshmallows Fri 13-May-16 12:01:07

I'd love to "chat" with some people about how they manage hayfever in their DC if anyone's about.

DS is 9, and this year I started his nasal spray (Nasonex) early as I wanted to avoid antihistamines if possible (after reading about some undesirable effects). This seems to have made quite a difference (i.e., it's not as bas as last year so far), but now I'm stressing myself out about data about steroid nasal sprays reducing growth.

I try to get him to do the non-drug things too (vaseline in nostrils, dry clothes indoors, bathe at night, etc.), but basically if I don't use meds for him the hayfever affects his functioning.

I'm probably thinking about it all too much, but I don't know how best to manage it, and whether long term the drug management is actually worse than the symptoms themselves.

How do others manage this?

Many thanks in advance.

TheRugbyValkyrie Sat 14-May-16 03:22:42

My oldest son had terrible hayfever when he was younger, including the odd day where he had to come home from school as he was suffering so much. We started by following the same routine as you, he had to take tablets as well as the nasal spray and eye drops.
Our GP also referred him to the allergy clinic. This helped by identifying which pollens he reacted to, so we knew when in the year to expect symptoms. This allowed us to tailor his meds routine so he was taking the right stuff at the right time.
The positive thing is that his symptoms eased in his late teens and his first spring and summer at University, living in a city away from all that pesky countryside, was a joy. HTH

DigestiveBiscuit Sun 15-May-16 17:38:04

My DS had such bad hay fever, he had to start on steroid sprays in his teens. The pharmacist refused to sell it to me for him, as he was under 18, citing potential effect on growth. I asked the GP about it, who said it was too small a dose to have any effect. DS ended up 6'5"!

MotherOfAllMarshmallows Thu 19-May-16 10:22:02

Thank you both for replying, Rugby and Digestive. Sorry for my delay returning to the thread.

Rugby, I will definitely pursue allergy testing.
Digestive, good to hear your GP was unconcerned about the growth issue.

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