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15 year old DD feeling exhausted all the time

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Gatehouse77 Wed 11-May-16 18:11:31

Bit of background first.

DD has always been my 'headachey' child which is often triggered by noise. For example, in the first term of Y1 she would come feeling weepy with a headache. They were in a reception/Y1 mix and the teacher wasn't very good with noise control - it clearly didn't bother the majority of the kids but it was bad enough that DH and I considered pulling her out of school. However, they were separated in the January and the new teachers were much better. Problem solved.
Same thing in Y4 - crap teacher which we complained about. Thankfully she left, again at the point we considered pulling her out.
She has had regular optician check ups and her eyesight is fine.

DD has also been a 'snotty' child but won't blow her nose as often as she needs to and often not long enough to ensure she's getting rid of everything. She has allergies and hay fever and, unfortunately for her, it's an all year round nightmare. She has been using Beconase nasal spray and anti histamine regularly for years.

The headaches have increased since January but just over 2 weeks ago she ended up in hospital with severe sinusitis which spread to her eye tissue and socket resulting in an abscess in her eye socket. She had a small operation to drain the pus. All good, discharged 3 days later. Follow up appointments with ENT and ophthalmology all good.

However, she is absolutely exhausted still. Struggles to wake up, stay awake in school at times, is getting headaches during noisy lessons and generally says she doesn't feel 100%.

My dilemma is I don't know what is a reasonable recovery time from a general anaesthetic, for someone who was in so much pain she wasn't getting much sleep, from being on a ward and not getting much sleep and the fact that she's a teenager!

I'm far from being a mum who worries or goes to the GP at the drop of a hat. But, equally I don't want to miss something either. Poor girl had had the pounding headache for 3 days before I sought medical help because I thought it was a migraine. The sinusitis was a real curve ball to us as she hadn't even had a cold!

So, am I being over cautious because of recent events when I failed to see how ill she was (although no one at any stage pointed the finger at me) or is it that unusual for a 15 year old to feel so tired?

N.B. She didn't go to dance tonight because she's so tired which is also a bit of a red flag...

Andro Wed 11-May-16 22:32:12

The sinusitis will have been exhausting and a GA can take a fair while to recover from. With that said, given the recent history, I would have her checked over by her gp. S/He might want to run some tests to check for residual/reoccurring infection, anaemia etc.

Gatehouse77 Thu 12-May-16 07:45:49

Thank you Andro.

Most of the time if I feel something is niggling at me it is with good reason but judging the kids' health often leaves me doubting myself. Don't know why though confused?

Andro Thu 12-May-16 14:36:37

We get so many mixed messages now, it's a wonder that anyone can trust their own judgement! With our children, we really don't want to get the call wrong so we doubt ourselves.

I hope your DD is better soon.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Thu 12-May-16 14:41:15

Some people can take 2 weeks or more to recover from a general anaesthetic, so in all likelihood it is that plus general recovery from the infection. It depends how bad she is, but I would probably be tempted to go to the GP if she doesn't perk up after a few early nights/lie ins.

Newmanwannabe Thu 12-May-16 17:07:35

If she's all nasally sinusey etc. could she have big tonsils adenoids and turbinates? If they are big enough they can cause snoring and even sleep apnoea which can cause excessive tiredness?

Gatehouse77 Thu 12-May-16 19:19:59

An update -

I spoke to the hospital who redirected me to the GP. I rang but couldn't get an appointment before the weekend so asked if he could phone me. I may have laid it on a bit thick but, as I said to him, I am doubting my judgment!

He was not concerned by either the tiredness or the headaches as he would expect her to need another 1-3 weeks recovery. However, if the headaches become more frequent or intense and/or if she spikes a temperature she should be seen quickly.

So, for now, I feel I have done the right thing by asking for advice - which absolutely includes people who have responded to this post, so thank you - and am going to keep an eye on her.

We see ophthalmology tomorrow and see what they say about the droopy eyelid (or ptosis if you want the medical term).

Thank you all, again grin

bellbottomedtear Sat 14-May-16 18:53:48

have they checked her for a thyroid condition?

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