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Impetigo advice

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Joneseygirl77 Sat 07-May-16 20:18:43

My DD has had a cough/cold for about a week now. Not really poorly with it but just her nose is streaming and she has a very loose chesty cough. She is teething her last set of molars though and does get like this with her teeth. But her nose is really sore looking and cut and red on the inside. Initially we thought it was just where she scratched but it started in Wednesday and has been getting more sore looking. Never seen her have this before with a cold. She also had about 3-4 spots appear today on her chin/ cheeks- red spots with little white heads. I popped into the pharmacist as wondered if it might be impetigo. She said it could be and prescribed some fusidic acid cream. She did tell me to go to GP on Monday if it doesn't clear up though.

Had a quick google and all impetigo pics show a crusty yellow top. Her nose is more red and sore and crusty. It is constantly covered in snot though. Just wondering if the fusidic cream usually does the trick or if you think we'll need a GP trip. I'm away with work from Mon- Wed so need to prep DH if needs be!

MattDillonsPants Sun 08-May-16 01:37:20

Could you put a pic on? It sounds like she just has a sore nose. I'd be tempted to clean and dry it as much as possible....just gentle dabbing...then smear vaseline on it to act as a barrier from the snot.

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