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FirstTimeMummy25 Fri 06-May-16 17:16:29

My DS hasn't pooed in nearly 2 weeks, he is breastfed and I know they say it's almost impossible for a breastfed baby to be constipated but he's crying in pain and really unsettled bringing his legs up to his stomach... Is there anything I can do to help him the poor thing? Do I need to ring a doctor?

lorribaby Sat 07-May-16 17:28:21

Hi my newborn is also constipated but only for a few days and the gp wants to keep an eye on it so I would advise you to go to out of hours docs today because that it is a long time!

FirstTimeMummy25 Sat 07-May-16 21:11:09

He went today!! I'm so relieved, think he is too bless him! He's loads better now and you can tell he's so much more comfortable! Poor sod! Hope your little one is better soon!
Last night I gave him a warm bath, massaged his belly and also bent his legs back and forth towards his body if that makes sense... Might be worth trying that with your little one if you've not tried it already?smile

lorribaby Sat 07-May-16 22:22:41

That's good you must be relieved. This is our first baby and she has colic and constipation and sometimes it feels like mental torture as you can't seem to take away their suffering! Everyone says just give it time and it will get better. I have been giving her cooled boiled water before each feed and this seems to help. Fingers crossed it will help.

FirstTimeMummy25 Sun 08-May-16 02:00:35

Oh bless you! This is our first too and it's so hard what your unsure of what's wrong, and the when you do know like you say it's torture as you cannot do anything bless them. The HV said she thought DS had colic a few weeks ago, he's just over 2 months now and we gave him gripe water which seemed to work, he's ok with colic now and doesn't seem to get it. Good luck! Hope little one gets better soon x

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