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Pediatrician recommendation

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Ipsos Thu 05-May-16 08:07:02


I wondered if anyone could recommend a pediatrician with expertise in the right area for us?

Ds (aged 6) has a lot of trouble with food intolerances and gets a lot of viral infections that tend to last quite a long time (usually at least 2 weeks). He also has a lot of trouble with oral thrush. He has had his adenoids out twice, and has now got glue ear for the second time. He had very difficult obstructive apnoea for a couple of years in infancy and toddler years. I'm not sure how much the rest of the illness is just part of the recovery from the exhaustion of the obstructive apnoea.

We are in Cambridge and I wondered if there would be any particular pediatrician who might be best placed to help us? We have Bupa health insurance so could be seen quicker if there is a good Bupa Pediatrician.


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