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Healthy easy breakfasts for kids

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Luc28 Wed 04-May-16 10:26:37

Looking for suggestions for quick and easy healthy breakfasts for kids before school.
Mornings in our house are utter chaos, the earlier we are up the later we are, I return from the school run and the house looks like a war zone 🙈 DD is 7 and v independent (thank god) but we need healthy breakfast options for her before school. She's a skinny mini but eats like a horse and is always hungry. She loves croissants and cereal bars in the morning but the sugar content is worrying. What's a good easy to make breakfast that's not just toast /cereal

BirthdayBetty Wed 04-May-16 10:29:49

Omelette, boiled egg, scrambled egg with baked beans served with wholemeal toast, this is what one of my dc's have as they don't like cereal.

Juanbablo Sun 08-May-16 00:04:34

Make pancake batter the night before and quickly fry them and serve with fruit.

Hard boiled eggs done the day before.

Cold meats.

Cheese on toast.

Porridge is easily done in the microwave.

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