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Skin Rash

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bahar444 Mon 02-May-16 09:28:57

Hi there. My daughter who is nearly 6 is a happy , generally healthy , bright child. about two months ago , I noticed skin rash on her face only and took her to DR. They prescribed antihistamine but over the next 7 days it got really worse that she had to take 3 days oral streoid (how ever it did not work really). They ran blood test and we saw allergy specialist but everything was clear and no one could figure out the reason. Nothing new was around even to trigger the problem. It started again 2 days ago and as we don't know what is the problem it scares us even more. I just wondered if anyone had any similar experience or knowledge ? Thanks in advance.

Readabook1 Wed 04-May-16 13:58:55

Ask your Gp to refer you to a Consultant Dermatologist. It may be a bit of a wait
but these people know a great deal about skin problems on the whole

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