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5 month old sucked an older childs thumb that had a wart on it :(

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RosesMum111 Sun 01-May-16 21:53:53

Hi all. I'm new here and am just after some information/advice. My baby girl has just gone 5 months old, is teething, so of course she tries to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. Today at a family gathering she grabbed the hand of a 13 yr old girl who was talking to her/fussing her, and the girl let my LO put her thumb in her mouth to suck/gum. I thought nothing of it as the girl had very recently washed her hands, although I can't say I was very happy about a random person having their hand in my childs mouth so I'm kicking myself for not pulling her away straight away. However, as I did pulled her away after about 10 seconds I saw a rather large wart on the girls thumb sad I'm so scared my LO has caught the virus from the wart. My baby has no teeth yet and the wart was fully intact. Is there anything I can do? Should I take my baby to the doctors? Am I just being paranoid? and if she has caught HPV, is there anything the doctor could do anyway?

any advice would be very much appreciated. I'm so cross with myself for not stopping her but it all happened so fast sad

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