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tooth abscess (Mrs Morton?)

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cedricsneer Sun 01-May-16 14:38:53

My ds (8) has been complaining of a swollen gum for a few days now (with no pain). I checked again just now (it was just red and inflamed before) and he seems to have an abscess.

Should I take him to an emergency dentist? He says it is completely painless and only irritating because it's swollen. He has no fever. I have scared myself with tales of the infection heading to the brain confused. Can it wait until Tuesday (after the bank holiday) ? Is Mrs Morton or any other dentist around?

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 01-May-16 14:46:05

My DH is a dentist who actually works in an emergency access centre in Sunday's.

He has had a quick look and says that from what he can see from the picture, it is ok to wait if no severe pain or temp etc.

If it does get sore, you can alternate paracetamol with ibuprofen. If very bad, it can be taken together. under no circumstances put any hot compresses on any swelling. Cold only. Make mouth washes of salt and cool boiled water and use that at least 3 times a day. Keep the rest of his teeth and that area as clean as you can - don't stop brushing

If you are concerned, or he becomes ill, you don't need a private dentist, you can access NHS out if hours dentistry. Call the usual NHS out if hours number and they will triage you and give you details of your local access centre, if appropriate. Don't go to A&E, they won't be able to help

cedricsneer Sun 01-May-16 14:50:33

Oh gosh you are a lifesaver (and your dh). Mumsnet comes through again! Thank you both (my family were taking the piss about me posting - looking forward to showing them that I was right - as usual) smile

cedricsneer Sun 01-May-16 14:52:13

If he has a sec, could you ask if I am right to keep his retainer out for now? Thanks again flowers

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 01-May-16 14:53:30

No probs. He was having a late lunch when I got him to look and tell me what to post. I'll ask when he gets home later

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 01-May-16 14:59:24

Oh - just texted.

Best to keep retainer out if it makes contact with it as you don't want to inadvertently burst it. If it does burst, keep going with the salty water to keep it clean and get to the dentist on Tuesday. If DS becomes unwell though (very high temp/uncontrollable pain), go to out of hours

Hope he gets sorted out soon flowers

cedricsneer Sun 01-May-16 15:05:08

Fab. Please say thank you very much from us - we live pretty rurally so an emergency dentist would be a massive pain.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 01-May-16 15:06:19

No problem. Hope it all works out. flowers

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