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Eric vibrating watch

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wheresthel1ght Thu 28-Apr-16 22:44:38

apologies if this is the wrong place for this but am looking for advice on whether the Eric watches actually help.

My dsd is 10.5 and up until 6 months ago used to regularly wet. All investigation suggest no physical reasons and have concluded hat because she ignores the signals until absolutely desperate her brain has forgotten what that signal is. We have been working hard with her to address this but the last couple of weeks she has slipped back. Not fully wet but waiting til the last second and then dribbling a bit before making it to the loo.

I have sent her to school with some tena pads (mum is aware and ok with it) today because she had obviously had a couple of accidents yesterday because she was quite smelly when she got home from school. Both her dad and I have explained that no one is cross but she needs to stop hiding it because wet knickers will cause her lots of health issues even without the smell.

Have been googling today for idea to help her manage this and came across the Eric shop and their watches. But they are very expensive so does anyone recommend them or an alternative? Do the actually work? How easy are they to programme?


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