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2 year old had 4 nosebleeds in a day!

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EricaPrimrose Thu 28-Apr-16 14:55:52


My two year old had has a slight runny nose, for the past 24 hours, and a cough for the past 12. However, this afternoon, he got upset and when he started crying his nose started to bleed. It was quite alarming, but I managed to stem it without him going too crazy (he's autistic, and horrific with getting his face touched)
After his nap, he's had 3 more nosebleeds! Each lasting slightly longer than last time (about 3-8 minutes) the blood is literally pouring out his left nostril, and it's really hard to stem it! It's starting to look like a scene from a horror film in my living room!
He doesn't seem distressed, only when I try and clean him up, his nose isn't overly congested with snot/blood. He does spatter a bit of blood when he coughs.
I phoned the GP and they just said it was normal, but I can't be the only parent who's seriously alarmed by so much blood on their LO face?!

How normal is this? Has anyone else's toddler had this? I'm seriously debated A&E if it happens again, but don't want to look like a crazy person if it's normal!

I should mention, that we haven't caught him scratching his nose or anything, so I don't think it's cut inside.
Thank you!

ithinkitstimeforanamechange Thu 28-Apr-16 19:08:29

I wouldn't worry too much unless it goes on for a few days- could he have banged his nose?

I have no idea if this is true but my mum used to say that you should only worry about w nosebleed from both nostrils at once . (I had a lot of nosebleeds as a child blush)

amarmai Sun 01-May-16 16:57:08

sounds like a burst blood vessel in the nose. It may need to be cauterised to seal it. I'd be worried about the amount of blood he is losing as he is little and wd go to the dr/emergency ,if it continues to occur with increasing blood loss.

kimlo Sun 01-May-16 17:01:51

I saw a doctor about dd2 having nose bleeds everyday recently. He said if a nose bleed lasts longer than 20 mins go to a and e. He gave her an antibiotic cream and said hers were caused by minor trauma probably caused by her picking her nose blush. I had never seen her doing it, but she told the doctor she had.

ClearEyesFullHeartsCantLose Sun 01-May-16 17:21:32

I really wouldn't worry too much - 3-8min for a nosebleed is nothing, and I say this as the parent to 3 prolific nosebleeders, plus another one who has mystery nosebleeds in his sleep! (Don't even ask about those ones!)

Try getting more fluids into him - dehydration and dry air can cause nosebleeds. Try to up his fluid intake and see if that helps

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