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Toddler very grouchy and sleepy

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MintyBojingles Tue 26-Apr-16 14:34:52

DD 18 months was very unwell over the weekend- temp of 40.5 went a bit floppy but still responsive. Seen by A&E & OOHs, who diagnosed chest & ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.

She's vastly improved with the antibiotics but is really grouchy (unless CBeebies is on) and wants to sleep more than usual - slept 7.30 pm to 9am, then again 11.30-120, seems to want to sleep again, and looks really pale.

Is this just the after effects of the infection, or something I should be a bit worried about?

pippistrelle Tue 26-Apr-16 15:38:11

She'll still be fighting off the infection, Minty, so sleepy and grouchy seems par for the course, I'm afraid. As long as the overall trajectory is improvement, then try not to worry too much. And let CBeebies do some of the nursing for you. I'm a great believer in the poorly getting whatever makes them feel better. (Within reason, obviously.)

Hope she's back on full power soon.

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