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sleepy16 Mon 25-Apr-16 22:48:49

My 3 month baby girl is getting a red blotchy rash when touched, or when clothes on etc!
It's not hives, it's like she has been scolded and has bumpy pimple texture.
The pictures do not do it justice! It is bright red!
It only comes up when being held in that place any friction and is quite awful to look at.
She is very uncomfortable with it as well.

MissBeaHaving Mon 25-Apr-16 22:53:39

Poor Dd,Is this a new issue?
Have you changed washing powder or something else in contact with her skin?

sleepy16 Mon 25-Apr-16 22:57:44

Nope nothing new, been hopping a while but not this bad.
All you have to do is pick her and where you have touched her it comes up.
I can just gently (just once on any part of her body) and get the same thing happen.

sleepy16 Mon 25-Apr-16 22:58:45

Going on * sorry not hopping.

MissBeaHaving Mon 25-Apr-16 23:22:44

Probably a silly question but Do you use non bio & sensitive softener etc?
Soap or bubble bath?
I would take her for a check up or ask the health visitor as that seems quite a large area of rash especially if it's bothering her.
Do you have any coconut oil or olive oil?something natural may soothe it in the meantime but I'd try it on a very small area just incase it irritates it,we couldn't use E45 on DD but with a lot of babies it helped.

sleepy16 Mon 25-Apr-16 23:28:42

Yep use non bio etc, also don't use products on her in Bath at all since its flared (a good few weeks now) and it's got worse.
I bf and haven't changed diet, not wearing perfume cream etc.
Its like it reacts to touch Iyswim? I have 6 children and never seen anything like it.

MiddleClassProblem Mon 25-Apr-16 23:31:32

Try using e45 or a baby sensitive moisturiser. We used Johnson and Johnson baby first and it cleared up her dermatitis but doesn't sound as severe as you LOs. Also chat to a health visitor

MissBeaHaving Tue 26-Apr-16 00:33:54

How is she in herself ?
Any temperature or distress ?
Is she feeding ok ?

MiddleClassProblem Tue 26-Apr-16 00:38:44

It's always worth doing the glass test, I'm sure you have already. I do it so often when I find something just for piece of mind. I even once did it on a cherry juice stain before I realised...blush

sleepy16 Tue 26-Apr-16 07:55:26

She is fine, although you can tell it is irritating her at times.
It's not blood spots,and I have tried some different type of creams (for exzama type problems).
Like I said it seems things touching her, rubbing on her that brings it up.
Not products, just very strange.

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