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Infected eczema

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Dumptrunks Mon 25-Apr-16 11:02:46

My dd age 3 normally gets eczema behind knees, crook of arms which is a dry patch which gets red and inflamed when she has a flare up. Three weeks ago she came out in red whitehead looking spots all over her back and tummy so I took her to the Drs and he diagnosed it as infected eczema and gave her a course of antibiotics. It started to get better but as soon as the antibiotics were finished it started to get worse so took her back to the Drs and was given another course of antibiotics and was told I could put steroid cream on her for 7 days, which I did. Now that the course of antibiotics has finished and I've stopped using the cream the spots have started to reappear. I will be taking her back to Drs tomorrow but was wondering if anyone had any experience of this and what medication/treatment was given? It looks terrible and at first her nursery were convinced it was chicken pox, just would like some reassurance that we can get it cleared up!

Rh1annon Mon 25-Apr-16 11:06:17

Keep giving steroid cream until it has all cleared up, was given the same advice but to use to the cream until it had all gone, once it has was given moisture cream to put on everyday, you could put it in the bath aswell, how often do you bath her

Dumptrunks Mon 25-Apr-16 11:41:54

Thanks for your response. I bath her twice a week and have been putting porridge outs in the water which seems to help soothe it, I also cover her in cetraben 4 times a day and use oilatum to wash her.

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