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grommets and bathing/showering

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Scraggyspanner Sun 24-Apr-16 18:57:22

My 2.5 year old had grommets a few weeks ago. The improvement in his speech and so presumably his hearing has been significant.

However, I haven't found any good solutions for protecting his ears in the bath and he has recently started to shower too.

Has anyone used anything they would recommend please?


AnotherTimeMaybe Sun 24-Apr-16 20:58:52

Yes we have the silicon bio ears ear plugs from boots (they are blue) , I split one in two and put one in each ear - you don't need to worry about water just soap

WhoAteAllTheDinosaurs Mon 25-Apr-16 09:19:58

Yes - will reply later when not on phone.

WhoAteAllTheDinosaurs Mon 25-Apr-16 10:15:22

Right, we used these:


We tried a few, and these were the only ones we found that actually fit our DD's ear and worked. Our DD hated having them put in, but nothing else would keep her ears dry. We found that when her grommets were in (now fallen out), any hint of soapy or dirty water in her ear would cause an ear infection. So, whilst not all kids with grommets are this sensitive, we restricted bathing and hair-washing to once a week, and when we did wash her hair, used as clean water as possible, so this meant trying the shower, or when she refused to have a shower, sitting in the bath and using a jug to pour water (fresh, not bathwater) over her head. If we reused the earplugs, or used bath/soapy water to wash her hair, she would get an ear infection. We didn't bother with swimming.

I have a couple of spare packets, if you would like me to pop them in the post to you then PM me.

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