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How long was your child ill before chickenpox spots appeared?

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GreaseIsNotTheWord Thu 21-Apr-16 10:03:52

Ds2 (age 6) has recently had chickenpox. He had a temperature for two days and on the evening of the second day his spots started appearing. Other than the temperature he was fine, with no other symptoms in the run up.

Ds1 (aged 8) has not had CP and it's now 2 weeks to the day since ds2's spots first appeared - so a perfect 14 day incubation period for ds1 to have caught it off him.

Ds1 has had a temperature since Tuesday morning, with a very sore throat and occasional headache. The temperature was on and off on Tuesday, and increased with a vengeance yesterday, going up to 39.6. He's still got it today, which is day 3, hovering around 38-39. He's generally just a bit droopy, off his food, phlegmy and cold-y and slept very fitfully last night so is tired.

There's not any sign of a spot on him (yet) - could this be CP? Or is the illness before a bit too long seeing as we're on day 3 and his skin is clear? There's lots on the web about pre-chickenpox illness symptoms which fits, but nothing about how long they may last before spots appear and it's definite. Was half expecting him to wake today covered in spots but nada so far.

Antanddec123 Thu 21-Apr-16 21:25:27

DD wasn't ill at all before spots appeared.
DS was 'sickening for something' for 2 weeks before spots.
Can remember having CP in year 7 & felt dreadful for the 2 weeks immediately before any spots, headache + sore throat.
Don't know if this is of any significance but DS and I were really poorly also after spots -loads of spots in horrible places especially throat; whereas DD had loads of spots but otherwise well!!confused

Joneseygirl77 Fri 22-Apr-16 07:14:32

My DD wasn't ill until the day the spots appeared. She woke up in the morning a bit hot and snotty and clingy and then some spots appeared within 2 hours. However she was covered and poorly by day of spots and had them everywhere. Good luck!

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