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4 year old dd exhaustion "patches"

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HalfATankini Thu 21-Apr-16 09:53:33


My 4 yo dd (who is my 3rd child) has had a couple of recent periods of utter exhaustion. Last week I couldn't wake her up in the morning, she lay on the sofa then slept for 2 hrs. She drank a little water (which she retched back up) but ate nothing. Then at 3ish she was up and about running round and eating normally. Bit odd but I assumed it was a v quick virus.

Then yesterday at 4 she said she was "sore all over". I suggested going to bed (assumed she'd refuse but she went), then I guessed she'd be back downstairs in 5 mins but instead she fell straight asleep and slept 4-9am! She's now on the sofa, a bit weak and tired. Ate one spoon of porridge.

She has no temperature
She hasn't been sick (apart from just retching up the water).
In between she is full of beans and racing around.
Her diet is ok. She oddly won't eat any fruit at all, nor yogurt, jam or anything even remotely fruity flavoured.

I've called our GP this morning hoping for an appointment in a few days to discuss it but have been offered May 10th hmm. The receptionist did offer a call back from a Hcp but tbh they'd only say bring her in and I don't want to drag her out to wait in a waiting room for an hour to be told there's nothing wrong. It definitely isn't an emergency.

I suppose I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My other kids never have.

Could it be iron levels?
Could it be a growth spurt?

Any views really welcome!

HalfATankini Thu 21-Apr-16 09:53:50

Sorry that was long!

Donge13 Thu 21-Apr-16 10:00:11

I would take her if you can to get checked out. Dd2 had this when younger, turned out to be diabetes

Jumphigherandhigher Thu 21-Apr-16 10:06:14

Maybe beginning of an infection. My daughter acts a bit odd. Gets too tired and wants to go to bed early and within days gets full blown throat infection. I can tell a throat infection is coming from her breath smelling fruity envy

HalfATankini Thu 21-Apr-16 10:16:29

Thanks for your replies.

Donge I had wondered about that as she does drink quite a bit (but not loads). Was it so sporadic though? With utterly normal days in between?

Jump her breath does smell quite erm distinctive a bit like she does have an infection. But then it never seems to develop confused

Tbh If it happens again I may just take her to our local private GP service. I've experienced the agony of getting seen by our local GP, then making an appointment for bloods then following it up. I'd rather cut out the stress and pay a bit.

She's now pretty much right as rain. and talking non stop

FuckOffJeffrey Thu 21-Apr-16 11:44:37

Could be strep throat which can lead on to scarlet fever (basically just strep throat with a rash). Check her tounge for a white coating or a strawberry appearance. You can also check her throat and tonsils for spots (I use my phone with the flash on to take a photo as it's easier than trying to shine a torch and look at the same time).

Strep throat also does cause a distinctive rancid breath smell. I would say if you think it's strep throat then you need to go to the DR to get antibiotics. It should clear on its own without antibiotics but they recommend them because on rare occasions the strep bacteria can get to other parts of the body and cause some pretty serious damage.

My DD is currently on her second round of penicillin after strep throat that developed into scarlet fever and was displaying similar symptoms as your DD. Vomiting, aching, sleeping lots (18+ hours a day sometimes) and not wanting acidic food or drink because it hurt. My DD did have a temperature but I know it's not always the case.

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