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Molluscum and excema

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Maryann1975 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:10:04

My dd, aged 9, got a few molluscum spots behind her knee in the winter, they became really infected as she was scratching them. After numerous treatments we cleared the infection, but she has now got a massive patch of (diagnosed) excema around the spots. The doctor has prescribed some cream for the excema but it hasn't helped at all. He has said she can't have anything else (steroid cream) because of the molluscum and they won't treat the molluscum either, so there is nothing more they can do.
I've read so many different things online about treatment I have no idea what to do and which treatment I should be using/trying on my dd who is very aware how bad her leg looks. The other children in her class keep asking about it and why her leg looks so bad. It is itching her constantly and is really sore. Any advice please.

blaeberry Sun 17-Apr-16 00:03:18

I've had mixed messages about steroid creams and molluscum - one GP said steroids reduce the immune response necessary to get rid of molluscum, the other said don't worry about the molluscum but treat the eczema as it is sore. Either way, it took us a few attempts to find an emollient cream; diprobase caused the eczema to worsen and the next cream had no effect. Using epaderm now.

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