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newborn cold

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shea2016 Thu 14-Apr-16 06:41:42

Just looking for a bit of reassurance for a FTM really..

My newborn (3 weeks old on Sunday coming!) has got her first cold and I heartbreaking to see, snuffles a little dry cough and her face seems a little red.
I'm going to see GP today if I can get in; but feeling so helpless to her.
She's bringing up green phlegm when I burp her so I guess that's good if it's coming out..should I be overly worried though?

Summerdaydreams1 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:28:15

My baby got a cold at 5 weeks. It was awful so I know how you feel.
It did pass quickly and It really is amazing how these little ones cope even if it looks like they are struggling.
You can raise the head end of the mattress and use some snuffle baby (baby Vicks) it says in the box not for under 3 months but the doctor said it was fine to use but to avoid eyes and use sparingly. I rubbed some on the sheets and baby grow not directly onto skin. I also took my baby to the gp just to check chest and for some reassurance.

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