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Headache and vomiting that woke 5 year old (just after chickenpox)

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GreaseIsNotTheWord Wed 13-Apr-16 21:34:23

So some background - ds2 is 5 and is just finishing with chickenpox. Day 8 today - he hasn't been ill with it, only had a high temperature for the first four days and lots of spots. Fine in himself though and they're nearly all crusted now with no temperature left.

This morning, about 5am he woke up and cried, saying he had a really bad headache in his forehead and temples. Two minutes later he said he was feeling sick, then vomited. We went back to bed and he said his headache had gone. Then that he was feeling sick again. We went back to the bathroom for a bit, then he said he felt a bit better so went back to bed. Just before he fell back to sleep he said he felt fine again. The whole thing was probably 25 minutes.

I took him to the Dr's at 9.30 this morning because I know meningitis can be a complication of chickenpox. She did a really thorough check and declared him fine, but said to take him back if his headache or vomiting returned, or if he developed a temperature.

He's been fine all day. It's now 16 hours later and he's been fine since so i'm no longer worried about meningitis - I think that something else would have progressed if that was the case. He has no temperature or any other sign and no further headache or sickness.

But I've googled and scared myself. All I've read is that headaches and vomiting that wake a child are a really bad sign that something more serious may be going on.

Has anyone experienced headache and vomiting that wakes a child? He hasn't complained of a headache before and i'm really anxious about it.

lougle Wed 13-Apr-16 21:52:54

I think there is a subtle difference between a headache that wakes a child and a child waking up and realising they have a headache. Either way, if the headache has passed and it isn't happening day after day it's probably just one of those things.

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