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What is this rash on DS? (pics included)

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MiniLop Wed 13-Apr-16 14:25:21

I've been through all the picture slides on NHS and baby centre, it doesn't match any of them. The closest is erythema toxicum which he had as a newborn, but he's 14 months now, surely too old for that?
He's got a few larger 'pimples' which are whitish with a circle of red round them, about 3 on his tummy and 3 or 4 on his back. Then lots of much smaller red dots which are scattered all over him. They're not blisters, even the big ones, so I don't think it's chicken pox.
He's otherwise fine, it doesn't seem to be bothering him. No temperature, appetite is normal etc. Any ideas?

MiniLop Wed 13-Apr-16 17:44:06

Anybody? sad

Mummytron Thu 14-Apr-16 22:28:01

Didn't want you to go unanswered.
Not sure what they are, have you seen the doc?
My daughter had similar spots a while back and our doctor wondered about pet flea bites?

MiniLop Sat 16-Apr-16 18:23:52

Thanks mummytron I did take him to the GP the next day as it was looking worse. She thinks it is a post viral rash after the ear infection he had last week. Looking better today so hopefully it's on its way out now!

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