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Random vomiting in 6yr old

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Sparklemummyx0x0x Wed 13-Apr-16 07:33:00

Last Thursday night about 2am, my son woke up suddenly and was sick. He was fine afterwards, though had small amounts of diarrhoea twice in the morning and off food until lunch. On Sunday the same happened again during the night. Was back to normal by morning. Now it's randomly happened again overnight. This time diarrhoea first then sick..he's fine now.
No other symptoms, no high temp, says no stomach pains and he's his usual lively 6 year old. Also it's just really food that comes back out. Thought he may be developing a sensitivity to a food but he's had different meals/ foods each time the day before.
Is this the start of some illness? I've heard chicken pox can start by vomiting, but randomly like this? He's has a mild case last year.

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