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Moisturiser after a burn for 9 mth old

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GBBO15 Tue 12-Apr-16 12:42:56

My 9 mth old dd got a nasty scald on her leg ten days ago. Luckily it seems to be healing well and the nurse dressing it says we'll be able to stop dressings and just regularly moisturise it soon. Has anyone any experience of this before and recommendations for a suitable moisturiser? Cost not an issue.

babynelly2010 Tue 12-Apr-16 17:04:04

My Ds had a terrible experience at 11 months old when he grabbed a freshly made tea cup of the table. After all healed we were advised to use moisturiser and he was allergic to all recommended moisturisers on the list. We ended up with glucon pro moisturiser which was by far the best. I found it after researching US sites and he was treated with gluon pro ointment too before it healed to which he responded very well. He had quite a reaction to previous creams and after applying glucan pro it went away literally in matter of hours. Unfortunetly it seems that the product was swapped between companies and the place I brought it from for reasonable price do not sell it any more. Here is a link to australian website UK and US site used to have it but I read somewhere that now it is a different company that owns the product. If he is under burns unit you could ask a therapist there, our gave us refill once before before because gp did not write a prescription as it was not readily available on NHS even though DS had reaction to everything else. DS recovered very well and I think the that cream was a big contributor. He is almost 3 now and all is a distant memory although the experience definitely made me more anxious person especially when it comes to well being of my children.
Also if you end up getting the glucan pro cream do a patch test. Our therapist said that some children could have allergy to it that is why they don't just hand the cream out. Also I am sure you've been told this already but you must hide the affected area from sun for at least a year in UK and advice in america is 3 years where the sun is stronger in many parts of the country. When it starts getting sunny you will need to put sun block on even under clothes.
Good luck to your dd and your family.

mamas12 Tue 12-Apr-16 17:09:06

Aloe Vera gel is also very good for cooling and healing
I have a plant I. My kitchen for thT express purpose

GBBO15 Tue 12-Apr-16 19:49:02

Thanks very much for the advice babynelly and mamas. I'll go to my local chemist in the morning and see if they can source the glucan pro. It has been a really terrible experience and I just want to know I've done everything possible to prevent scarring.

babynelly2010 Tue 12-Apr-16 20:46:16

No problem gbbo15. I can totally relate. I still find talking about what had happen to us so very hard but the truth is accident do happen unfortunetly and can happen to anyone. When ds had his I thought he will never recover from this with out terrible scars, we were told at some point that he will need grafts. I never prayed in my life before but at that time I did a lot and cried and it was so so hard, we had couple of dressing changes and it looked really bad until the 3rd time and it all suddenly healed up and we were told that he will be fine. With all the creams and washes, and protection from sun he is obsoletely fine now, you could never tell by his skin what he had to go through. I also massaged him a lot and as said earlier he was in sun block and shade for a year even longer.
Try not to worry too much, sounds like you are taking very good care and with that she will recover just fine. Small children can recover much quicker and better from skin damages apparently than adults because the skin has to change so frequently to accommodate for the growth.
Best of luck smile

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