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Never-ending high temperature?!

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ladybirdees Mon 11-Apr-16 16:45:06

I'm in a quandary. Ds (4yo) has had a high temp for the past 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks! It hovers around 38.5-40.3 and he generally looks awful. He's tired, not eating much and although he's fairly active I'm worried. We've been to the gp twice and they say it must be some virus and check his vitals, which are ok it seems, and away we go. I can get it down with calpol plus nurofen but he's been having it everyday for all this time- is that ok do you think? I don't want to keep pestering the doctor and if it's a virus I know there is nothing they can do but I can't help thinking something else is going on. In the first week he had a very mild rash on his torso for one day but that's disappeared. The Dr on the first visit found some little pin prick bleeds by his armpit but that was put down to coughing too much and it's not reappeared since. Anyway, am prattling on but has anyone had anything similar? Maybe this lurgy is doing the rounds, any words of wisdom appreciated.

workplacetherapies Mon 11-Apr-16 20:05:55

that is a long time to have a high temp - i would do two things - get lots of vitamin c in her - liposomal if possible to bowel tolerance - and get her checked is she tonight and what is temp?

SaigonSaigon Mon 11-Apr-16 20:13:08

That is a long time for a high temp. Can you go back to the Doc's and see someone else there, and ask for some further testing, like bloods? Just say you're concerned with the amount of calpol you're giving, etc.

Personally I'd pursue this a bit more, for your piece of mind if nothing else.

EllenRipley Mon 11-Apr-16 20:16:54

There are a lot of horrible viruses about but that seems a long time for a temp spike like that. All I know from my own experience with my son (who always got v high temps when he got sick, regardless the cause) is that if it consistently went over 39 he actually had a bacterial infection (like ear or chest) and had to take antibiotics. He had a dose of something at Christmas and it was difficult to get his temp under 38.5, doc immediately put him on antiBs and he made an immediate recovery so something nasty was brewing. Viruses can be at least 3 weeks so I'd guess if you don't see an improvement you might want the doc to check him again, maybe there's a low- level infection going on? That said, antiBs are not always the ideal option. There's good immune boosting kids supplements like sambucol or something with a kids' dose of beta glucan in shops/online - might be worth a try? X

lucy101101 Mon 11-Apr-16 20:18:17

My 4 year old had a virus in the autumn that really knocked him out and his temperature was all over the place for two weeks. Every time he exerted himself his temperature shot up again and one night we ended up in A & E as he was delirious and I couldn't get the temperature down. I think they were worried about meningitis but then eventually sent me home telling me that although he had had the flu vaccine, it seems it was another strain of flu or another nasty virus. He was fine but had to take it easy for a few more weeks, again which is normal after a nasty bout of flu. Swine flu has had a seasonal peak recently too.... I wonder if it could be that?

NicknameUsed Mon 11-Apr-16 20:19:21

Did the doctor ask for a urine sample to check for a urine infection? If not please take a sample to the GP and insist that they test it.

ladybirdees Mon 11-Apr-16 21:42:44

So he's asleep and it's 38.8 now. That makes me feel ok in the grand scheme of my monitoring. It tends to spike in the middle of the night, the morning and end of the afternoon and that's when its around 40.

I'm definitely going back tmrw. I might try and insist on seeing the first dr again for some continuity. We haven't had a urine sample tested Nickname. I will take one when we go. I would have thought he would be complaining of a sore wee though but perhaps that doesn't happen for boys.

I try not to be alarmist in any situation but I think I do need some further investigation is needed now. He's generally a well child and this is out of character. As in he normally ploughs through sniffles and quite bad colds actually but he's napping at random times now and he's not done that since he was 2.

NicknameUsed Tue 12-Apr-16 18:45:31

DD used to get UTIs but not get sore. She just had really high temperatures and was sick and off her food. I am shock that the doctor hasn't checked this out. It is one of the first things our GP looks for if there are no other obvious symptoms.

summerdreams Tue 12-Apr-16 19:49:27

My 20 month old had high fevers on and off for 2 weeks no other symptoms except being a bit grizzly it was a uti after about 7 trips to the gp they asked for urine apparently it was a rare bacteria, since then we've had another uti which was the total opposite no fever just went from normal to doubled over in pain with no fever drs told me diffrent bacterias cause diffrent symptoms.

Dontcallus Wed 13-Apr-16 14:34:08

Was going to suggest urine infection too. My DS2 had a temp like this for no apparent reason too, after a week Gp gave antibiotics and he perked up in 2 days. Doctor was unhappy to leave it.

Notthinkingclearly Thu 14-Apr-16 19:51:19

Is there any possibility it could be Kawasaki? Please read symptoms and ask GP if a possibility. Hope you get some further investigations.

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