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Can I use Tena lady for 9 year old DD?

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AugustRose Mon 11-Apr-16 10:36:13

DD is going on her first residential with Brownies at the weekend, it is an adventure trip. She has had ongoing wetting problems but has been dry at night (odd dribble now and again) for nearly a year. However she still has urgency problems during the day and I am worried if she is not near a toilet, or does an activity that gives her a little fright - like a zip wire - that she might leak a bit.

I've never tried them before but wondered if they would be suitable for this kind of thing.


ifgrandmahadawilly Mon 11-Apr-16 10:50:36

Yes. But if you call them up and speak to the advisors on the help line they may be able to tell you which product is best, based on her size - Tena also do a childrens line.

Have you spoken to your local continence nurse / school nurse?

AugustRose Mon 11-Apr-16 15:08:04

Thanks for that, I will call their helpline.

She has been seeing a paediatrician as she has had a few infections but the daytime urgency doesn't seem to be going away. I have spoken with her and she insists she does not know she needs to go until she can't hold it in for long.

Her underwear is damp everyday and I have been unwilling to go back to some kind of pad but thought it would be a good idea for this event.

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