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Epilim - when do we ask to try new drug? How bad are other AEDs?

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noodlingabout Sun 10-Apr-16 09:59:40

DD, 10 is taking epilim chrono amd has been on the drug since January. The dose has been increased three or four rimes, I think.

It now seems to control her seizures (since last dose increase) but she is having side effects
- tiredness, she says she's tired all the time, we've done blood tests and I'm pretty sure it's the epilim
- mood swings
- sudden and unexplained intense sadness, which makes her cry, this is distressing for all of us
- episodes when she just screams because 'she has to get it out' I don't think she knows what that means either but it's her best explanation.
- last night she wet the bed.

The bed wetting feels like the last straw.

What are the alternatives to epilim? What are their side effects? I know we could be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

She'll have to come off epilim anyway when she hits 13 or so because of the fertility issues so I assume there is a good reason for it being prescribed now. I'm told it's a 'good drug' - for an aed, I appreciate they all have their downside.

Any experience or advice gratefully received.

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