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Any ideas.

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Millierose20 Thu 07-Apr-16 23:53:39

I won't go into all the background but little one is 5 and hasn't been well since chicken pox 2.5 years ago and under a specialist for various different things.
She has incontinence so given oxybutin recently (2 weeks) and takes one in the morning and one at night.
The other night she wouldn't settle (night terrors) so brought her down and settled her. About two hours later I noticed this on her have. Red with uneven colouring. If you look it cuts off at her nose.
Then tje following nights more of the same. Though last night nothing.
I've spoken to specialist and she doesn't think a reaction to tabs and I've to put on a disc for her to look at.

What on earth could it be?
My dd is hypermobile. Has had absent seizures so had eeg, sleep induced eeg and brain scan to rule out a tumour as they said asymmetry (sorry if wrong word) to right side of brain. She's been anemic but okay now yet stays extremely pale and lethargic and we are also probably looking at autism like her brother - according to paed.

I'm sorry if I have waffled on. So much has happened with her and I am just lost. Thanks for any help and advice

Millierose20 Fri 08-Apr-16 08:30:14

Any ideas? Shameless bump

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