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Wheeze in 20 month after gp said chest is clear?

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summerdreams Thu 07-Apr-16 18:24:22

So my ds has many health conditions immune deficiensey amongst other but has never had a chest infection. He was in hospital for tests monday and before they could do them he spiked a fever, shivering and vomited and they were cancelled as he was meant to have a general anaesthetic. A dr examined him said it was viral red throat and ears get him checked by the gp in 48 hours. Ive noticed that since then he's had a wheeze when running, laughing or crying. I had him at the gp today he has had no fever since yesterday and apparently ears, throat and chest are clear but he is now wheezing everytime he laughs, runs or crys without fail. He is not acting ill he's eating and drinking also is playing like normal looks better then the beginning of the week but I've never heard him wheeze before this week could the dr have been wrong about his chest? Has anyone been through similar we're with his consultant in the morning but im panicking a bit. Oh and his breathing looks fine no tucking in under ribs and no flaring of the nostrils.

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