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Fever advice, please!

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MaximumVolume Thu 07-Apr-16 13:42:38

DS2 (14 months) had had a fever on-and-off for a few days. He is obviously teething, so we thought it was that. Tuesday, nursery gave Calpol as his temp was 38 degrees. Tuesday night it went up to 39.6 degrees but reduced with ibuprofen. Wednesday morning it was 39 degrees so I stayed home with him. He wasn't brilliantly well, but cheerful (when cuddling me) most of the day. Definitely responsive but a little bit dozy/ tired seeming. Slept for 3 hours in the afternoon which is alot for him. Again, high temp in evening reducing with ibuprofen. Bright red cheeks through all of this.

Today, DH is at home with him. Says his temp was 40 earlier, but doesn't feel he needs a doctor as temp went down with medicine (not sure whether Calpol or Calprofen). I really want him to book an appointment for tomorrow. I think he thinks I'm over-reacting. Previously at OOH, they told me that lower temps can be a problem if the child is clearly unwell, but not so bad if they're perky, but 40 is the line in the sand at which to seek help no matter how they're presenting.

He's drinking milk well, but off his food.

He does seem to run hotter than DS1 ego has never had a fever so high despite having had pneumonia! DS2's previous temp of 40 resulted in a trip to OOH and antibiotics for tonsillitis the week of his 1st birthday.

What do you guys think?

angelopal Thu 07-Apr-16 13:54:03

Probably worth a trip to the gp. Dd had a high temp of 39.7. Took her to the gp on day 4 and she had a throat and ear infection. Sorted with antibiotics.

MaximumVolume Thu 07-Apr-16 14:35:11

Thanks for the advice. Popped into our GP surgery and repeated the story and they booked him in for 5.10 today. Their attitude was that you can't be too careful, especially when they're nonverbal.

ShowOfHands Thu 07-Apr-16 14:42:39

Definitely worth a once over to rule out/in cause.

Remember that the numbers are not a guide in isolation. A child can spike a 39.7 temp and be well otherwise and another child will have almost no change in temp but be very ill. Try to look at the child first. You don't need to give paracetamol or ibuprofen for a fever alone, only if uncomfortable or in pain. Fluids are important, food much less of a worry. Keep comfortable and at a steady temp. Air circulating, fluids and loose clothes. Avoid introducing extremes of temp like cold or hot baths or stripped off with fan on full blast or wrapped up in duvets. Consistently cool is what you want.

And teething shouldn't cause a fever though they do happen together sometimes.

Hope he's well soon.

MaximumVolume Thu 07-Apr-16 14:57:41

Thanks Show he's really up and down, both in temperature and in himself. At his worst over the last 24hrs he's been like he was the Sunday I took him to OOH & it was tonsillitis.

I just popped home between meetings to look at him myself and he is genuinely pretty cheery right now...but was miserable earlier (before Calpol, when his temp was at 40). Temp has hovered around 37 since DH gave the Calpol.

Having been told all these facts, the GP receptionist was keen to get him seen to check for underlying bacterial cause and I'll definitely feel better to know he hasn't got a ear/throat/chest infection that needs treating (I admit it's probably a virus!).

ShowOfHands Thu 07-Apr-16 15:15:17

Definitely best to check. Ears, throat and chest as a minimum. DS had double pneumonia when little and didn't spike a fever once while at home. It's definitely the illest he's ever been. Weirdly, we knew he'd turned a corner when a fever kicked in and he started complaining about the tubes. It was his fight back. Before that he was floppy and silent.

Miserable though isn't it? I've got one with a flu type virus and another vomiting in a bowl atm. It seems so interminable.

MaximumVolume Fri 08-Apr-16 07:03:19

Doc couldn't see anything indicating bacterial infection, so just lots of talc, fluids and Calpol.

MaximumVolume Fri 08-Apr-16 07:03:36

TLC! Not talc.

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