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How quickly are children generally up and about after a tonsil op?

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SwishSwishSwish Wed 06-Apr-16 13:17:47

DD (age 6) is having her tonsils and adenoids out next week. The new date for the op is the day before her cousins and aunt were due to come and stay. Should I cancel this? How are children in the few days following this kind of operation?

Many thanks in advance.

PansOnFire Sun 10-Apr-16 03:21:26

I'd cancel the visit tbh, the recovery is quite uncomfortable and we were advised to keep DS housebound for the first week and then only short bursts of fresh air for the second week. This is because of the risk of infection and the risk of catching a bad cold or sickness which would be awful for him to deal with whilst being in so much pain. We were giving him meds every 3 hours around the clock and the pain was worse on days 4/5/6 when the scabs formed and then came off.

There is also a risk of bleeding for up to 2 weeks and this is hugely dangerous. We definitely couldn't have had visitors in the 2 weeks after it, it wouldn't have been fair on DS. 6 weeks on and he's regained a lot of strength back but still struggles with tiredness.

SecretWitch Sun 10-Apr-16 03:47:08

We kept our dd very quiet for two weeks following her tonsillectomy. She seemed to feel fine the day after surgery but really crashed on day three. She is normally a very vigorous child but needed almost that full two weeks to really recover.

SwishSwishSwish Mon 11-Apr-16 17:23:01

Thank you very much to you both for sharing your experiences. flowers
I've cancelled the visit.

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