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2 year old is really short

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RupertPupkin Mon 04-Apr-16 03:44:41

DD2 is 2.4. She's 78 cm/30inches and hasn't grown at all in about 9 months. A few months ago we saw an endocrinologist who said to wait and see and follow up again in 6 months. This deadline is approaching and she has not grown.

She was born at full term and had a normal growth (hovering around 25th decile) until around 18 months. She eats like a horse and is otherwise healthy except for asthma (which only comes on when she is sick). She is active, has hit every developmental target. Me, dh and dd1 are all above average height.

Anyone have any experience of this?

RupertPupkin Mon 04-Apr-16 12:20:05


BlackSwan Mon 04-Apr-16 16:30:52

Have you booked your follow up appointment? It could be many things I'm sure - but it's good that you're seeing an endocrinologist if she really hasn't grown at all in 9 months. The endocrinologist will likely, amongst other things, get her IGF-1 levels checked. I would be asking about whether there could be any problems with her pituitary function. Our son is on growth hormone replacement - the cause of his deficiency is very rare, but pituitary related.

RupertPupkin Mon 04-Apr-16 16:38:48

Thank you - I have made a note of that. How did you discover your son's pituitary problems? Eg - did he stop growing too? How long will he have to be on the hormones?

BlackSwan Mon 04-Apr-16 20:16:48

With him it started with visual problems - but that's because he had a pituitary tumour, which affected his vision (less than one in a million kind of thing - there are lots more kids with growth issues who don't have tumours). The realisation about his growth plateauing came quickly after that diagnosis. He takes GH shots every night and will have that into adulthood - GH is important for heart health and things besides getting taller. He has grown well on GH and he's only 6 but does his own shots now (most nights), so he is coping well with it.
Try not to worry too much about all the possibilities just yet - but definitely book in your follow up appointment - are you seeing an endocrinologist with good experience/at a good hospital.

RupertPupkin Mon 04-Apr-16 20:26:56

BlackSwan sounds like you had a lot to deal with, I hope your DS stays healthy and well. He sounds very grown up doing his shots on his own.

I'm not sure about the endocrinologist, we're expats and it's an unfamiliar system. However it's private healthcare which has been good so far. But will go armed with as much info as I can find and ask lots of questions. Last time he apparently wasn't concerned (DH went to the appointment) but said to follow up. I deliberately haven't googled as I don't want to worry myself but I need to do a bit of looking around now I think.

BlackSwan Mon 04-Apr-16 21:44:00

I really hope I haven't added to your concern. But definitely ask all your questions - if you feel you're getting the brush off, push for answers and don't be afraid to seek a second opinion if you're not satisfied. I hope you get some answers and peace of mind soon.

RupertPupkin Tue 05-Apr-16 03:30:01

No not at all, I'm happy to receive any info I can use. Thanks so much for your input.

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