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DD (age 10) thinning hair at temples

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sydenhamhiller Sun 03-Apr-16 17:49:02

I've vaguely noticed my daughter's very thick head of hair being thinner in a couple of patches on her temple/ forehead, and perhaps receding a little bit.

She mentioned it herself today so I had a little look, and it does seem a bit thinner, definitely receding. I'm going to book an appointment at the GPs, but they do have form for a brush off. A quick google has come up with pulling out herself/ stress/ chemical hair treatments... what else could it be?


angus6 Sun 03-Apr-16 17:56:05

I've noticed this with my dd (15).

She does wear her hair up almost all the time either in a high ponytail, braids or plaits and is forever doing and re-doing it. She also sleeps with it plaited or braided quite often. I thought it was breakage caused by that?

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