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7yo DD Night time Bedwetting

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BaconAndAvocado Sat 02-Apr-16 10:15:49

We are under the school nurse and for the past 3 weeks DD has been following a programme of:
Drinking 1400ml of water each day
Regular toileting
No black currant juice, fizzy drinks, citrus fruit
Double voiding before bedtime

The theory being that she hasn't been drinking enough, so her bladder isn't big enough to hold the urine all through the night.

She has had 2 dry nights, not consecutive , this week (yay!) but tbh on both of these days she hadn't managed to drink the full 1400ml.

Does this mean her bladder is now big enough and she doesn't need as much fluid or is it too early for that?

(Can't get in touch with school nurse!)

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