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High temp chick pox - how high is too high?!

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Blossom4538 Sat 26-Mar-16 16:37:56

My little girl has temp of 38.9 underarm. We usually use in ear digital thermometer but it is broken. Am I right in thinking that you add on a degree to underarm. Almost 40 seems very high. She had Calprofen and an hour later it only came down to 38.3 underarm. She is alert, watching tv. Very lethargic and quiet today, nibbling fruit and Easter choc (lol!) no meals really. We are on day 6 chicken pox and she has seemed unwell since Weds pm, more so yesterday and particularly today. Started day with card games and puzzles but she has just been under duvet sofa mostly. She had bad night last night and is rather tired. The chicken pox were slow to emerge and only started really coming out past day or two.

I expected a high temp but how high?!!

pippistrelle Sun 27-Mar-16 08:04:13

I'm wondering if this is a duplicate thread because I'm surprised your post wasn't answered. I'm answering anyway.

That all sounds kind of normal for chicken pox. That temperature does sound very high as an underarm one but, when it comes to children who are older than babies, then I think temperature is just one of the things to take into account when you decide whether you need medical help.

The fact that your little girl was alert and managing a little food means that I wouldn't have been too alarmed if I were you. I hope she's had a better night, and is feeling brighter this morning.

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