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What should combination poos look like?

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enterafox Thu 24-Mar-16 14:17:55


So, I'm combination feeding with the boy, he gets two or three bottles of formula per day, three being the maximum, and the rest is breastfed. There isn't much about combination feeding so I'm wondering if anyone can help out. What should his poos be looking like?

On the Cow & Gate formula, it seems, they're as breastfed poos ought to be, all yellow and wet. But on SMA they are like formula poos, all thick and dark. Is that normal of those brands? I thought I had been giving him too much formula but switching back to C&G seems to have them back to being wet.

And I'm not sure where to ask this, but we're planning to move onto reusable nappies (I honestly feel I'm singlehandedly killing the planet with the amount of nappies that go into the bin), how easy is it to clean those of BF poos? Does it seep through the liners and all that? (please feel free to direct me to the appropriate place to ask about this – am new to mumsnet!)

ricketytickety Fri 25-Mar-16 08:31:18

There is an infant feeding section where you might get more help. I haven't used reusable nappies so no idea about poo seepage. I think you have to wash it off a bit after poo as sometimes it gets around the liner.

Re the consistancy of poo I think the runniness is more important than colour - it should be wet and not too squidgy/solid, but that's more about hydration I think. So cow n gate seems to work for you. If it's green and smelly then that indicates tummy upset (like eggy smelly). I think cow n gate is the recommended formula these days too. My dc was breast fed with one formula top up, but sometimes he wanted more formula so the poo got darker (sma). It was mustardy if I breast fed more. It's all changed now he's weaning!

enterafox Fri 25-Mar-16 18:53:07

Ok! I'll post there should his poop stay changing.

Thanks! I thought that he should have the more runny mustard poo. I didn't change the amount of formula, just the brand, and it completely changed the smell and consistency. With the SMA it was as if he was 100% formula fed! That adult sort of smell and clay-like consistency, and with the cow&gate he's got boob-poos. Good to know that the change is probably just the change in brand. I think we're on the right track then!

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