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Sore Penis

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HairySubject Sun 20-Mar-16 10:29:51

Ds is 3 and has been up half the night complaining about a sore penis. I first suspected a water infection because he went for a wee at least 3 times but he has been complaining this morning too and has only had one wee so far.
It looks normal as far as I can tell, maybe a little swollen but I am realky not sure, I can't say I have paid much attention to its usual size.
His dad had to be circumcised as a child due to problems with his foreskin so I am a bit worried on that score but he isn't answering his phone.
I am reluctant to google it child and penis in the same search.
It isn't constant complaints, just random, oohh sore Willy comments.

Any ideas? Should I ring nhs direct? Next time he complains I am going to pop him in the bath and try to get a realky good look but it seems normal, I have had a look.

DustyOwl Sun 20-Mar-16 10:35:19

This is going to sound weird; my boys sometimes get this so we give them a Willy Wash. Basically it's just salt water in warm water in a little pot (think ramekin dish, no one wants Creme Brûlée in our house!)

My little brother used to get it and that's what the Dr advised. My husband was also circumcised for medical reasons so it's a worry for us too.

Apparently a urine infection is a lot more serious in boys than girls, so definitely take to Docs if still sore.

Hope it helps, parenting is full of interesting questions isn't it?

DustyOwl Sun 20-Mar-16 10:36:09

Oh, and it's quite a lot of salt (not very helpful in afraid)

May09Bump Sun 20-Mar-16 10:36:46

Sometimes its just growth and stretching - try bepanthen cream on it to moisturize. Also, get some moist toilet tissue as he might be wiping to hard. If no better, then take to GP and get a urine test.

We have had soreness before and the moisturizing worked.

DrAmandaBentley Sun 20-Mar-16 10:39:11

Sounds like balanitis. You will have to take him to the GP for this. They usually prescribe antibiotics, and advise you to wash them daily, make sure they wipe their bum properly, clean pants etc.

The problem you describe with his father sounds like phimosis (very tight foreskin). My eldest had this, the symptoms were pain upon urinating, and his penis would balloon outwards when he went. Sometimes this can be the cause of repeated episodes of balanitis. My eldest was circumcised when he was 4 after they decided it was necessary. Has had no problems since.

If you take him to the GP, he/she will examine him and they will take it from there. Don't leave it too long, as it can lead to a very painful infection which will bring you to A&E (been there and it's not nice!)

HairySubject Sun 20-Mar-16 11:41:58

Thank you all so much for the replies. He is in the bath now, it's looking a bit red now. Will try the salt bath when he gets our, followed my bepanthan and will make an appointment with the doctor. If it is going to be an ongoing problem leading to circumcision better to get a record of it straight away.
No guarantee it will go that way of course but still better safe than sorry.

Wolfiefan Sun 20-Mar-16 11:43:38

My son had a horrid case of balanitis. Yes GP ASAP. Can you get to out of hours?
It never recurred. He certainly didn't require a circumcision.

HairySubject Sun 20-Mar-16 12:16:11

Well sly bath done and be pan than on which he has said is stinging.

His dad will take him the walk in but not until about 5/6 tonight. I could get the bus over but have other DC here too who would have to come with us so going to see how he goes this afternoon.

Jw35 Sun 20-Mar-16 12:22:47

Hope he's ok op

HairySubject Sun 20-Mar-16 14:07:01

He seems fine now, not complaining but still a bit red.

dratsea Sun 20-Mar-16 19:40:34

At birth the foreskin is firmly stuck to the glans and separates some time between two and ten. As it comes loose the build up dead skin (smegma) can get an infection and the outside will look a bit red and it may sting a bit as they wee. DS used to say his willy was fizzy which sums it up well. It is rare to need antibiotics but that is what you may get from GP. One thing I used to tell the slightly older ones they could do was to do a sit down wee. As the wee was running to hold the tip of foreskin so it balloons up and washes out the smegma. Once it begins to go right back he can wash it in the bath/shower but needs to remember to put it back, especially if it is still a bit tight.

HairySubject Sun 20-Mar-16 21:59:46

He has been given fluxaocillin, poor thing only had antibiotics the week before last for an ear infection, he must be run down or something.
They said to make an appointment with his own gp too asap.

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