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Subclinical Epileptiform Activity

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Verbena37 Sat 19-Mar-16 19:58:11

My DS (11) has been seizures free for over 2 yrs. However, he has regular really, painful headaches in and above his left eye....the same area over the temporal lobe where his original (and only) EEG showed Epileptiform spikes.

Taking him to the Gp last week, I mentioned the headaches and incident the other week where, within seconds of being gently woken by me, he sat up swearing like a trooper over and over again. Whilst he does swear during anxiety meltdowns he has had, swearing upon waking like that has never happened before.

He also said that last week, when shouting to a friend and using the word street in a sentence, he said it came as as tree. I thought that was a bit odd.

Even though he's been signed last year by neurologist as no seizures for long time, I feel that anther EEG might still show up sub seizure activity in his brain.

Has anybody else's child had symptoms of this but no more physical seizures and am I being reasonable to ask for another EEG?

Verbena37 Sat 26-Mar-16 12:50:16


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