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anyone else trying to straighten out their biomechanically wonky child/teen's back?

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MissTriggs Fri 18-Mar-16 15:36:19

Just wondered if anyone else is treading the same path.

DS, 13, has what the osteopath calls a "postural" scoliosis - you see his spine curve into a C when he bends over. He says that DS's problems all come from the feet, ankles knees and pelvis and if these are resolved the spine will straighten. Otherwise it will become structural (permanent). The (private) podiatrist agrees.

So far we've had (private) orthotics which eased kneed pain and allowed DS to resume football. But now the join at the bottom of his spine is "locked" so we can't increase the strength of the orthotics prescription. You can tell something is wrong because when he tries to do a hamstring stretch he only feels it in the back of the knees. The podiatrist is cross with the osteo. They are due to talk, don't know how that will go.

I'll be able to take hi to see a specialist musculskeletal GP in about a month. I've been to his clinic for my own issues and he's good.

I understand that the changes made by orthotics can lead to the back tensing up as it adjusts. Not quite sure if we are on the right track or not...

Anyone else got experience/going through the same?

Thought I might phone the scoliosis society helpline to see if they feel I'm being too laid back...but there is agreement that Ds doesn't need a back brace or anything like that....or at least agreement between the people I've seen so far.

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