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Desmopressin advice please.

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nobodysfool Fri 18-Mar-16 13:45:10

Hello my DS (7) has been prescribed desmopressin as he has primary enuresis. He took the first one last night and I guess I was hoping for it to work straight away like I have read it does for some children.
It didn't.
DS is not concerned about it so I was just wondering if anybody can tell me their success stories .
We were told to double the dose after a week if there had been no change.
We have been told to give him the melt tablet and hour before bed and no drink an hour before that.
I read that if they are unwell to not give them the meltlet to enable lots of fluids but can they have a small amount of water while taking the tablet or is it nothing? Also, how strict does the 1 hour before bed rule need to be?
Sorry, lots of questions...

nobodysfool Fri 18-Mar-16 18:36:39


Cressandra Sat 19-Mar-16 00:45:35

DD was on desmo for a few months but I'm afraid I can'tanswer many of your questions! Yes it did seem to work and DD was dry for months. Things did go pear shaped after that but she has more complex problems and other medication that, we think, stopped working so well.

Give it more than one day!!

DD used to have hers at bedtime so I can't help on the one hour thing.

nobodysfool Sat 19-Mar-16 10:36:13

Thanks for replying.
Hope your DD is well now.
I'll continue and keep hoping it works

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Sat 19-Mar-16 20:01:30

It worked really well straight away for ds. Then seemed to stop working. Next plan is double the dose.

NickNacks Sat 19-Mar-16 20:11:41

It worked for my ds, not after one night but somewhere in the first week. Occasional wet bed during the 9 months he was on it, trial week off was successful and he's been dry (maybe 3/4 accidents) for 14 months now. He started at 7 and is 9 now.

mudandmayhem01 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:17:51

It didn't work on the single dose, worked everytime on the double dose. Once I knew it worked he just used it for sleepovers and camping. I know it has a good safety record but I didn't want to use medication if not essential. I would allow him a few sips of water with his tablet.

Badumchhhhh Sat 19-Mar-16 20:17:51

We went quickly on to the double dose and then it worked. Apparently the lower dose works for hardly anybody.

We allow small sips of water after the tablet, not caused a problem. I think it just means don't have massive drinks

nobodysfool Sun 20-Mar-16 13:34:16

Thanks for all your replies.
I may give him the double dose tonight as we were told if we didn't see any improvement withing a week with one tablet to give him two.
Were you all told an hour before bedtime or when they actually go to bed as I have read different instructions online (none on the actual medicine).

TapStepBallChange Mon 21-Mar-16 13:42:18

We were on the single dose and it worked within a couple of weeks, but DD was a slight six yr old. We did it coupled with an alarm and I don't know which was the more effective, but she was dry at night quite quickly. We did allow small sips, just to save the "I'm thirsty" arguments, and always made sure she had a drink about an hr and a half before bed

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Mon 21-Mar-16 13:47:53

We were just told before bedtime, but for ds it seemed to work better about an hour before.

Fresh01 Mon 21-Mar-16 22:42:32

We have tried it with DC2. Tried it last year when she was 7, both the single tablet and the double dose. Neither made any difference. We went back to pull-ups for a bit till she was 8, whilst doing the daytime bladder training - increased fluid intake. Early Feb this year we started taking a single tablet again and it is working. Now less than one wet night a fortnight instead of 5 or 6 wet nights a week.
We were at the Enuresis clinic the other week and got told to take Desmomelts for 3 months then a week off. In that week off you know if the wetting has stopped or if you need to take it for another 3 months.
We have been told to do double voiding at bedtime so toilet before bath and then toilet again after stories just before you say goodnight. Tablet to be given just before you say goodnight but restrict fluids for an hour before saying goodnight.
Don't use a tablet if it rips as you take it out. Apparently that affects how the tablet works. Also don't wash it down with water just let it melt under the tongue.
After 8.5 years it looks like we are eventually turning a corner with all this.

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