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New to braces, what to expect.

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chocdonutyy Thu 17-Mar-16 18:06:24

Last year dd was refered to the orthodontist due to possibly needing a brace, we went in Oct and yes she qualifies for a brace and there was an 18 month wait hmm
Anyway got called up last week and as they had a cancellation we went in on Monday grin saves waiting I suppose!
Got moulds and x rays done, we will go back next week to get fitted with a brace.
Tbh we are completely new to braces, I really should have had one when I was younger but didn't and so Dd can see the benefits of having one.
I'm not entirely sure what brace she's going to get or how long the appointment is, we think she is having a removable brace at first then possibly a fixed one on the bottom teeth before anything on the top. Kind of thought the top ones were more in need of attention but they are the experts.
Also we are off to Alton towers a week after so hoping it's removable or she gets used to it quickly as we both go on all the rides and sometimes get thrown about up there lol!
Any tips or advice at all? Tia

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Fri 18-Mar-16 16:12:10

My son is two years into orthodontic treatment. First he started with a removable one that was very bulky and I was constantly nagging him as he kept removing it. Last year he was fitted with the train track type and he has really got on well with them.
The most important thing with braces is dental hygiene, particularly when they have fixed braces.
You will also need appointments about every 8 weeks.

Ilovenannyplum Fri 18-Mar-16 16:16:50

I had a brace when I was a teenager.

It aches like a bitch when its first put on, soft food and pain killers help.

Get one of those mini brushes (that look like mini bottle brushes) to clean in between the bracket gaps.

The brackets might rub the inside of her mouth whilst she gets used to it, you can buy wax to cover the brackets if it does rub

Tightening of the screws also ache, again paracetamol and soft foods

It's worth it I promise! smile she'll get used to it and no time at all and won't even realise it's there

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