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3 year old unwell and not eating

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DaintyHippo Wed 16-Mar-16 13:23:01

DD doesn't usually get unwell at all, so I'm guessing this may be usual but I'm not used to it so a bit worried.

Yesterday she had a temperature, had calpol twice, slept in until 10am this morning and no longer has a temperature but is saying she feels cold, wrapped up in layers and blankets and is laying on sofa.

She's had a very loose bowel movement this morning, has drank a small amount but won't eat anything at all, even strawberries which is usually her favourite food, she has had hot milk and orange juice though, is her not eating ok?

curlywurly4 Wed 16-Mar-16 13:27:33

It's fine. Perfectly normal to lose your appetite when not well. Keeping hydrated is the most important thing. Hope she feels better soon.

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