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Need advise please!! Limping!

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ForeverStress92 Wed 16-Mar-16 00:38:52

Hi, I'm new to this but really hoping someone can help/advise or even if someone has been through similar?!

My 3 1/2 year old daughter started limping after a fall 5 days ago, I spent a lengthy amount of time in a+e 2 days after her limp start, she was checked over by 2 doctors who said she has no injuryies and wasn't in pain. They did no tests and sent us home and were told to come back to days later.
We went back when told and she was checked over again, her limp was still present. They did the same checks but this time decided on a ultrasound of her hips and knees, results were clear. We have now been sent home again to return in two days time.

Doctors have gave me no clue to what is going on. Shes has been fine in her self, no temp and been playing etc normally. However I remmeber that she was sick at night on 3 different occasions before her limp started. And has now been sick two nights in a row for no reason, she has no temp. She has just woken up from sleep, vomited and fell back to sleep.

I'm probably worrying to much, but I'm becoming very stressed. She looks fine and no one would look at her and think she is ill. But I no she isn't right, she's still limping and has now lost her appetite during the day, and this vomiting at night I can't explain either.
Her appointment is this Thursday the 18th at a+e. But I can't help but worry till then. Also I've been told by the doctor that she will be checked over like she already has been and they might just send us home again with no further investigation!

So sorry about the long explanation.
Please can anyone advise or been through something similar

InvictusVersinium Wed 16-Mar-16 10:45:59

First - was she exposed to ticks - could she have Lyme Disease? Did they rule that out?

Did they suggest Toxic Synovitis? It sounds horrible BUT IT'S NOT. Don't be alarmed. My friend's daughter had it and she was very similar to your daughter.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 16-Mar-16 10:50:03

dd had that, but it was called transient synovitis - basically an irritable hip following an infection. She couldn't weight bear at all. It cleared up as quickly as it came, leaving us sat in the children's ward very bemused by the whole episode.

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