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Toddler poo help needed!

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teacupnic Mon 14-Mar-16 12:55:09

My 19 month old DS does really runny, soft poos. I had put it down to the fact he was still breastfeeding but as we finished this over a month ago, it can't be that.

Most of his poos are soft and squidgy (sorry, a bit graphic) and only sometimes firmer than this. He doesn't have any problems otherwise. He's never sick, doesn't seem to be in pain etc.

However, this can't be normal, surely? I don't want to go running to the GP without checking out how usual this is. A quick google has suggested it could be 'toddler diarrhea'. Anyone got any experience with this and could offer any help on how to improve things, or whether they saw their GP/HV?

He eats a fairly varied diet, loves food other than when feeling a bit poorly or teething. He only has water or milk to drink, normally cereal and fruit for breakfast, sandwiches/salad veg/omelette, beans on toast for lunch and whatever we have for tea (pasta dishes, curry, chilli, roast dinner - he eats anything!). Snacks tend to be fruit, home made scones, fruit bread etc although he doesn't always want a snack.

What I've read suggests it can be dietary and that more fatty foods and less fibre can be helpful. This seems completely the opposite of what I'd think, surely I should be making his diet healthier!

Any suggestions or is a doctors visit in order?

JeffyJeffington Mon 14-Mar-16 13:07:13

We had a few weeks of this at around the same time, googled it and started to fret about toddler diarrhoea. It was really disruptive as she was pooing loads, often needing multiple changes of clothes per day due to the runniness envy. We increased fat and reduced high fibre food, esp fruit right down to minimum for a while, replacing things like oranges and grapes with natural yoghurt. It righted itself, and we've pushed fruit back towards previous levels, but still less. I know what you mean about increasing fat seeming counter intuitive but 'good' fats in moderation are definitely ok i reckon. If it has carried on much longer we were going to go to drs, so don't hesitate to if you're concerned. Good luck!

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