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DD, age 11, constant nausea and frequent tummy pain (sorry, this has turned out to be a bit long!)

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tkband3 Mon 14-Mar-16 09:51:59

DD3 was suffering almost constant tummy pain from September last year. She had an ultrasound, which showed no issues and was tested for H pylori, also negative. She was finally diagnosed with faecal impaction in November and after trying to disimpact with Movicol, was admitted to hospital for a thorough clear out with Kleen Prep and Picolax (including 3 enemas, poor child). This seemed to do the trick briefly in terms of the constipation, but the tummy pain never completely disappeared. The GP prescribed Buscopan, on the basis that her insides were likely to be a bit sensitive and that seemed to work for a while.

Then at Christmas, the tummy pain returned. Nothing seemed to work, and a further x-ray seemed to suggest the constipation had returned. We tried another disimpaction with Movicol, but then the doctor said that after showing the x-ray to a consultant radiologist, they thought she wasn't constipated at all!

Through all this time she was on at least 4 sachets of Movicol each day, sometimes 8.

So, then we went to a specialist paediatric gastroenterologist. He couldn't detect any constipation, but gave her a prescription for Mebeverine, to replace the Buscopan, and told us to reduce the Movicol to 2 sachets a day. Within two days, the tummy pains were worse than ever, so after a week of this, I stopped the Mebeverine and the pain decreased significantly, however now she's constantly nauseous. Last night, she was both nauseous and had bad tummy pain.

Anyway, we're back at the consultant this evening and I think he's going to suggest an endoscopy to see what's going on. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas on what might be going on, that I could bear in mind when talking to him. DD feels that he's a bit dismissive of her symptoms so I want to go in well-armed with information.

I should mention that she has coeliac disease (diagnosed 7 years ago) and is on a gluten free diet. Her two sisters also have coeliac disease and are not suffering the same symptoms, so there is no way I am unknowingly feeding her gluten!!

Grateful for any thoughts from anyone who has read this smile.

LilRedWG Mon 14-Mar-16 10:35:34

No advice I'm afraid, but I feel your pain. DD (9) suffers with undiagnosed stomach pain. We are fairly convinced it is stress related, as are school. Could this be a cause perhaps?

Micah Mon 14-Mar-16 10:44:58

Just as an "out there"

This sounds exactly the same as a friends dd (except the coeliac). Tummy aches, lots of investigations, suspected appendix, bowel washouts, laxatives etc.

They moved, saw a new gp, who diagnosed something genito-urinary. Sorry but this was years ago, and i never got more than a hushed "you know, down there".

Maybe ask for a urine test/scan if they havent already?

tkband3 Mon 14-Mar-16 13:31:42

Thanks to you both smile.

I do wonder if stress is a factor - she's year 6, so the first year of these new, ridiculous SATs, and is feeling the pressure...

I hadn't thought of a urine infection, but thanks for the idea - I will certainly mention it to the consultant later, as this is something that hasn't been tested for (at least she hasn't had a urine test done - don't know what they'll have looked for in the scan.

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