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Scarlet fever

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hulagirl7932 Mon 14-Mar-16 09:41:32

I am looking for advice about my son.
My son (4) and daughter(2.5) have both had scarlet fever.
Some background
My dd had a temp and cough on the 5/6 March and my ds had the same on the 7/8 well by the 8 dd was covered in a rash head to toe. We took them to the doc who said scarlet fever, ds has it but is a couple of days behind dd.
So both on antibiotics since 9th March. Now dd is fine back to normal but ds still has high temp 38.6-39.4 only brought down by ibuprofen, his throat is red raw and his glands are the size of marbles. He is miserable.
I have no idea what to do. Is 6 days of antibiotics enough to make him feel better or at least start to get better. Is it worth leaving it another few days. Or go back to the doctor.
I went to out of hours docs yesterday and all he said was give him calpol and carry on with the antibiotics ( both of which I have been doing, he didn't examine him in the 3 minutes we were in there)
I phoned the docs this morning and I am waiting for the nurse to call me back.
Just getting a bit concerned about ds now.
Thanks. X

sidsgranny Mon 14-Mar-16 09:47:15


Sounds like your DS has tonsillitis. My son was off school all last week with the exact same symptoms. Does he have a headache too? They wouldn't give my DS antibiotics but I would definitely take you little one back to the GP.

Waypasttethersend Mon 14-Mar-16 09:50:37

Go back. DD had scarlet fever and the ABs kicked in straight away.

DSIL is a GP and always says after a couple of days Abs should be doing their job.

Sounds like he has a secondary infection and the complications of scarlet fever can be quite nasty so definitely get him seen.

hulagirl7932 Mon 14-Mar-16 09:57:06

Thank you for the quick reply.
That's what I thought. My dd has bounced back fine but the docs just seem to think we'll he is on antibiotics there is nothing else we can do. It's hard as I don't want to seem like the hysterical mother but I feel that something isn't right.

Waypasttethersend Mon 14-Mar-16 10:12:39

It's awful being made to feel that way isn't it?

But push it on your instincts, hope you get some help x

LilRedWG Mon 14-Mar-16 10:27:51

Follow your instincts and take him back. A week after DS finished the SBs for scarlet fever he got a horrific throat infection, requiring different antibiotics.

hulagirl7932 Tue 15-Mar-16 17:10:56

Thank you all for your responses.
It turns out he has a throat infection on top of scarlet fever. As he is already on antibiotics they can't give him anymore but when he has finished then they will take a look at him and go from there.
His fever seemed to break over night and today he has seemed much better so I am hoping we are now over the worst of it.
Thank you all again for your help x

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