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Poorly dd 16 months don't know what

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HalloHarriette Sun 13-Mar-16 20:47:10

DD never gets ill. Last couple of days she's been refusing food and drink, only eating fruit now and drinking her milk. She is very grouchy and whinging all the time.

She feels very hot to touch and has a low fever. She is hottest on one cheek which is red - so I'm assuming part of the problem is teething (her molars are coming through) but she is also absolutely exhausted and is sleeping for hours during the day. Normally she kicks up a stink at bedtime and has energy for days, but she just has nothing in the tank and just wants to cuddle and/or sleep.

She has a bit of a waxy ear, and the inside of it is yellower than usual, but that could just be because it needs a good clean.

Any thoughts?

MattDillonsPants Mon 14-Mar-16 04:00:17

Ear infection. Take her to the doctor asap.

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