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baby acne

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Clueless16 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:52:17

Baby has acne over most of her face which the doctor said is normal.
I know it's shallow as it's not hurting her but it's upsetting me a lot.
Anyone successfully treated this or do we just wait it out?

MattDillonsPants Sun 13-Mar-16 01:29:34

How old is your baby now? It will usually disappear of it's own will within 3 or 4 months. There's not really any treatment as their skin is so delicate and it's thought to be caused by hormones.

Rubymay Sun 13-Mar-16 01:42:56

My d's had infintile acne, was on meds with a consultant, I was told he will suffer in puberty, he's on meds since he was 12 yrs!

Loft653 Sun 13-Mar-16 15:37:50

On the advice of a midwife I put sunflower oil on my DD's acne, worked a treat and was mostly gone in a week, totally gone in two weeks.
I don't know if that's a coincidence or not but she was adamant that it should be sunflower oil and not other types of oil like olive oil due to the size of the particles. confused
I won't lie, it did lead to a bit of a mess with oil on her clothes and mine!

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