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reaction to rotavirus vaccine or CMPA?

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pickleandflux Sat 12-Mar-16 11:10:46

Reposting here as no responses in infant feeding section. DD is 12 weeks and ever since her first rotavirus vaccine she has had mucusy poop, and 3 times had tiny spots of blood. Dr wondered about cmpa so I cut out dairy.....seemed a bit better, then after 2nd dose of the vaccine yesterday her poops have been horrible and mucusy again. Anyone else had this after the vaccine and it settled? She is otherwise well and gaining weight really well.

timemaychangeme Sun 20-Mar-16 07:52:36

Yes, Dgd had really runny, green nappies after both rotovirus vaccines. Seemed to have really bad tummy pain and lots of evil smelling farts It lasted about 4 days each time. She was sleeping and waking up howling too. Her friends DD was throwing up for about 2 days both times. Better than actual rotovirus though which DD had at 13 months. Can still remember it now. Awful.

Dungandbother Sun 20-Mar-16 08:19:09

Did has CMPA and her poo is never mucous like.

She's almost 9 but her poop is very loose and grainy and fluffy.

More likely the vaccine.

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