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Child cfs/me

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bellbottomedtear Thu 10-Mar-16 14:32:16

My dd aged 10 has been unwell since November it started with a chest infection made worse with asthma. Since then she has suffered with headaches, sore throat, pain all over her body, sore ears, tearful. She have had vitamin d, thyroid, calcium, liver function, glucose, coeliac blood tests done all normal other than tsh level slightly raised. Paediatric doc said when we saw her in Feb she was ruling out cfs but after blood tests came back has now.said she won't rule it out. I don't know.what to do now for my daughter she is being rereferred back to the hospital but what do we push for? She is having time of school every few weeks due to pain which isn't going down well with school. Any help is much appreciated and sorry this is so long and rambling

cestlavielife Fri 11-Mar-16 17:55:15

have a look at AYME. i think there has to be minimum few months before a CFS /Me diagnosis.

school should agree a health care plan. establish what to do if....

call LEA and find out who is the person who deals with children with long term health issues. so she is registered as health needs and not missing school for non-health reasons. if she misses more than 15 days consecutively LEA ahs to provide alternative education eg small group/hospital day school/ etc

bellbottomedtear Sat 12-Mar-16 00:19:58

Thank you will look at AYME I believe 6 months I'm pushing for blood tests on everything at the moment to rule things out so could take little bit of time to get somewhere

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